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Protect Yourself from Scams: Accurate Signs to Identify Fraudulent Bookmakers

Distinguishing bookmaker scam is a piece of information many are currently seeking to understand. Choosing a reputable betting platform is not a simple task for newcomers. The following article will help you clearly distinguish the non-reputable bookmakers in the market.

What is a scam bookmaker?

Before learning how to distinguish a scam bookmaker, let's go over some information about these non-reputable platforms. Scam bookmakers are entities that operate illegally without a license from any organization. These bookmakers are established with the primary purpose of scamming betting money and stealing information from gamers. Nowadays, the schemes of these platforms are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Therefore, players need to be very cautious about this issue when experiencing betting.

Signs to Distinguish Scam Bookmakers

To distinguish scam bookmakers, you can rely on some of the following characteristics:

Unprofessional Interface Design

Usually, scam betting platforms will not pay much attention to their interface design. Their main purpose is to steal player information. Therefore, if you access a bookmaker and find the interface too basic, you should reconsider whether to continue betting there.

Reputable bookmaker on-line will have a professional and systematic interface design. All information is presented and organized scientifically. You will not spend too much time getting acquainted.

Support Service

The next point that can help you distinguish scam bookmakers is based on the support service. If you encounter an issue and the staff does not resolve it quickly, it also shows the unprofessionalism and lack of dedication of this platform. The main purpose of being established is to scam players, so they will not focus on this issue.

Distinguishing Scam Bookmakers: No License

Any betting platform that does not have a full operating license in the market should not be chosen for betting. This platform is not trustworthy for you to provide your personal information. When betting here, you will face very high risks. Therefore, it is best for players to carefully research all information before making a betting decision.

Short Operation Time

Betting platforms established with the main purpose of scamming will have a very short establishment time. This is also a sign that players need to pay attention to before choosing a platform.

Usually, reputable bookmakers will have a clear operating time and specific establishment milestones. Therefore, you can use this as a basis to avoid being scammed.

Pay Attention to the Domain Name

According to the experience of some long-time players, bookmakers with a .VN domain often have a risk of scamming players. Therefore, you should also be very cautious about this issue. If you detect a bookmaker with such a domain name, you should avoid it immediately.

Criteria for Evaluating a Reputable Betting Platform

To evaluate a reputable betting platform to trust and register, you can rely on the following factors:

Operating License

To evaluate whether a bookmaker is reputable or not, players can base on the operating license. If the unit is provided with a full license from reputable organizations, then you can rest assured to experience betting site with free bet there.

Operation History

The operation history of the bookmaker is both a criterion to distinguish scam bookmakers and a criterion to know whether the unit is reputable or not. Therefore, if the bookmaker you are experiencing has a long operation time, then you can be completely assured to play there. Bookmakers with many years of age always receive trust from players.

Attentive Customer Service

Reputable bookmakers always prioritize their members first. Therefore, they always focus on customer service. Any questions from players are answered and supported attentively in all cases. This is also a criterion to help you evaluate whether the platform is transparent or not. If these units do not support their members, it is best not to bet there.


Above are the criteria for you to accurately distinguish scam bookmakers. Hopefully, through this, you will know how to avoid these platforms. Be sure to carefully research information before betting at any unit. Wish you a fun gaming experience and avoid risks.

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