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Download Cascadia Code: A New Monospaced Font with Ligatures for Windows Terminal and VS Code

How to Download Cascadia Font: A Guide for Windows Users

If you are looking for a new monospaced font for your command-line applications and text editors, you might want to try Cascadia font. Cascadia font is a fun, modern, and versatile font that comes with programming ligatures, powerline symbols, and multiple variants. In this article, we will show you how to download, install, and use Cascadia font on your Windows device.

What is Cascadia Font?

Cascadia font is a new monospaced font from Microsoft that was developed alongside Windows Terminal. It is designed to enhance the look and feel of the terminal and code editors, as well as to improve readability and usability. Cascadia font is also the default font in Visual Studio, one of the most popular integrated development environments (IDEs) for programmers.

download cascadia font


Features and Benefits of Cascadia Font

Some of the features and benefits of Cascadia font are:

  • It supports a wide range of character sets, including Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Devanagari, Thai, and more.

  • It includes programming ligatures, which are special glyphs that combine multiple characters into one. Ligatures can make your code more elegant and expressive by reducing visual clutter and enhancing readability.

  • It has embedded powerline symbols, which are icons that can display additional information in your prompt, such as git status, battery level, network connection, etc.

  • It has multiple variants, such as Cascadia Code (with ligatures), Cascadia Mono (without ligatures), Cascadia Code PL (with powerline symbols), and Cascadia Mono PL (without ligatures or powerline symbols).

  • It has an italic version that has two styles: standard italic and cursive italic. The cursive italic is accessible via a stylistic set feature that can give your code a more handwritten feel.

  • It is free and open source, licensed under the SIL Open Font License. You can download, use, modify, and distribute it as you wish.

Versions and Variants of Cascadia Font

There are multiple versions and variants of Cascadia font available for download. The main difference between them is the presence or absence of ligatures and powerline symbols. Here is a table that summarizes them:

Font NameIncludes LigaturesIncludes Powerline Glyphs

Cascadia CodeYesNo

Cascadia MonoNoNo

Cascadia Code PLYesYes

Cascadia Mono PLNoYes

The \"Code\" variants include ligatures, whereas the \"Mono\" variants exclude them. The \"PL\" variants include powerline symbols, whereas the non-PL variants exclude them. You can choose the version and variant that suits your preference and needs.</ How to Download Cascadia Font from GitHub

The official source of Cascadia font is GitHub, a platform for hosting and collaborating on open source projects. GitHub provides the latest releases and updates of Cascadia font, as well as the source code and documentation. To download Cascadia font from GitHub, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the GitHub Releases Page

Go to the and click on the \"Releases\" tab. You will see a list of releases with their version numbers, dates, and descriptions. The latest release will be on top of the list.

Step 2: Choose the Font Format and Version

Each release will have several assets attached to it. These are the font files in different formats and variants. You can choose between OTF (OpenType Font) and TTF (TrueType Font) formats. OTF is a newer and more advanced format that supports more features and glyphs, whereas TTF is a more compatible and widely supported format. You can also choose between the different variants of Cascadia font, such as Code, Mono, Code PL, or Mono PL. Click on the asset that matches your preference and needs.

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Step 3: Download and Extract the Font Files

After clicking on the asset, your browser will start downloading a ZIP file that contains the font files. Save the ZIP file to a location of your choice on your device. Then, use a file extraction tool (such as WinZip or 7-Zip) to extract the font files from the ZIP file. You will see one or more font files with the extension .otf or .ttf, depending on the format and variant you chose.

How to Install Cascadia Font on Windows

After downloading and extracting the font files, you need to install them on your Windows device. This will make them available for use in your applications and settings. To install Cascadia font on Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: Right-Click on the Font File and Select Install

Navigate to the location where you extracted the font files. Right-click on the font file that you want to install and select \"Install\" from the context menu. Alternatively, you can also double-click on the font file to open it in a preview window and then click on \"Install\" at the top.

Step 2: Confirm the Installation Prompt

A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the installation of the font. Click on \"Yes\" to proceed. You may need to enter your administrator password or grant permission if prompted by User Account Control (UAC).

Step 3: Check the Font in Your Applications

The installation process should take only a few seconds. After that, you can check if the font is installed correctly by opening any application that uses fonts, such as Notepad, Word, or Paint. In the application's font menu, look for \"Cascadia Code\" or \"Cascadia Mono\" (depending on which variant you installed) and select it. You should see your text displayed in Cascadia font. How to Use Cascadia Font in Windows Terminal and Visual Studio Code

Now that you have installed Cascadia font on your Windows device, you can use it in your command-line applications and code editors. In this section, we will show you how to use Cascadia font in Windows Terminal and Visual Studio Code, two of the most popular tools for developers and power users.

How to Change the Default Font in Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is a modern and customizable terminal application that allows you to run multiple command-line shells and tools in tabs and panes. It is the default terminal in Windows 11 and can also be installed on Windows 10. To change the default font in Windows Terminal, follow these steps:

  • Open Windows Terminal and click on the drop-down menu at the top right corner. Select \"Settings\" from the menu.

  • In the Settings tab, click on \"Default profile\" under \"Startup\". This will open the settings for your default terminal profile, such as PowerShell or Command Prompt.

  • Scroll down to the \"Appearance\" section and click on \"Font face\". A drop-down list will appear with all the fonts installed on your device. Select \"Cascadia Code\" or \"Cascadia Mono\" from the list.

  • Optionally, you can also adjust the font size and weight according to your preference.

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