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The mouse allowed for control in Mario Paint and Mario & Wario, among other games. Though in later games, mouse support was optional. Some emulators, including Snes9x and ares/bsnes/higan, support the Mouse. A ROM hack for Mario & Wario replaces mouse controls with traditional controls for the emulators that don't support this feature.


The Super Scope is a bazooka-looking light gun that is a bit more complex than the Zapper for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Super Scope 6, Yoshi's Safari, Battle Clash, and Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge used it. Some emulators including Snes9x and bsnes/higan support the Super Scope, emulated with the mouse.

Made by Hudson Soft and licensed by Nintendo, this functions similarly to the NES Four Score. Instead of using both controller ports, it just used one, allowing up to 5 players at once. Bomberman games used this accessory. Some emulators, including Snes9x and bsnes/higan, support five players.

bsnes-sx2 and snes9x-sx2 are recommended. They use your PC clock with no option to modify it, though. SNESGT had the option to modify the clock, but it wasn't updated for a while and isn't really recommended for SNES emulation in general. No$SNS has good BS-X emulation (and the best debugger tools for ROM hackers and translators) but falls behind the others when it comes to general emulation.

You'll need the BS-X BIOS to properly emulate the Satellaview. It goes as "BS-X.bin" under the "BIOS" folder when using snes9x-sx2. There are many variants. You'll want the translated one (with English text) with removed DRM so that you can play a given broadcast without restrictions on how many times you can do so, like in the original hardware.

One inconvenience is that most emulators don't really support this specification. It's currently supported by the SD2SNES flashcard, bsnes (v075 and up), higan (v094 and up), and Snes9x (1.55 and up). These hacks simply won't work at all in other emulators unless their developers implement an MSU-1 check to let the game run in these emulators without the MSU-1 enhancements (the MSU-1 specification has a specific feature to allow for compatibility testing).

Amiga, apple2, atari 2600, atari 5200, atari 7800, atarijaguar, atarilynx, comodore 64, coleco vision, dreamcast, fba, gamegear, gameboy, gameboy color, game boy advance, game cube, mame 2003, mame4all, master system, megadrive (sega genesis), n64, neogeo, neo geo pocket color, nes, pc (dos), pc engine (turbografx), ps2, psp, psx, saturn, scummvm, sega cd. sega 32x, snes, zxspectrum. enjoy! appreciate feedback

Right, but the problem is that we have only conjecture about what parts are true, which parts are false/wrong, and what parts are conjecture. :)"E-fuses are used more like jumpers of yore (only shrunk to be on the die) than like the ones in your fusebox in the garage. We architect our software and arrange our manufacturing flows accordingly. (Beyond that level of description, I'm not sure where I cross into proprietary information, so I'll stop there.)"No worries; I respect that (I used to work at a large hard drive manufacturer for two summers). It sounds a lot like this is a plausible scenario."The fact that the device is recoverable by a reflash implies that nothing truly permanent has happened to the device."Well, no. Strictly speaking, Mot says"If a device attempts to boot with unapproved software, it will go into recovery mode, and can re-boot once approved software is re-installed."How the re-installation can occur is completely unspecified. It could conceivably be that the OP was correct that the software can fuse a selected part in order to require you to go back to the shop and get a new chip, or get a second fuse blown for you (perhaps something like DVD drives do where you get five free reflashes at the store and then it's clear you're a baddie and you have to buy a new phone (or even just a new chip)) It's hardware/software; the primary constraints are laws, consumer (or customer, if they're like me and know and use the distinction) reaction and how much we can pack into a chip before it's too big/consumes too much power. Hooray for digital progress!"This mode should be the same mode the phone goes to if a legitimate update fails, say, due to a power glitch during the update." It *could* be the same, but we have only supposition."That's got nothing to do with the e-fuse question at hand, though. It just determines how you restore the phone once it's been flashed with unauthorized code."They might be unrelated. They might not be unrelated. We have no [b]data[/b], we have only supposition (and layer upon layer of it). There are definitely scenarios that could involve the fuse, even if the supposition that the fuse is permanently blown is true."Refusing to load unsigned code until a service center reinstalls it isn't nearly so malevolent as irreversibly destroying the phone."Malevolence is motivation and rather tangential to the questions at hand. Rather, the question is what the [i]problems[/i] to us would be. and how problematic having a phone be a brick until you get it to a service center depends on a lot of things, and notably how far and inconvenient it is to get to the service center. :)To summarize, my current position is that we need a lot more data before we can draw reliable conclusions about anything in this situation. Hopefully mot will be forthcoming with it. I'm very very glad you brought more data to the table. Despite not necessarily being directly transferable to the mot scenario, they're at least indicative about the state of current technology."I told them I didn't want to have to root my phone to be able to use it in the way that I want."I'll drink to that! (Is incidentally why I don't have an iphone; my mac fanatic friends/colleagues said, well just root it to get an xterm and ssh.. riiiiight. "Jailbreaking" is rather a poor metaphor; rather, it should be something like hostage-freeing perhaps, or something involving a raid on a property theft ring and getting your TV back. :) Kuhn: At Least Motorola Admits It Posted Jul 19, 2010 9:33 UTC (Mon) by mpr22 (subscriber, #60784) [Link]

What do you mean by crap? I am having lots of fun and getting a lot of use from maemo apps and features on my n900. The Ovi store may not have a ton of free apps for download, but the maemo does have a lot of the standard software you would expect to see on or available to a more conventional desktop install of debian or ubuntu (x-windows, wireshark, pidgin, snes and bochs emulators, freeciv, vpnc, gnumeric, etc...) The last time I checked there was no way to run an x-server for android(outside of vnc) or the iPhone. Well it works out of the box in maemo.This morning I wrote a python script on my phone that helps me catch my morning train. :)Last week I had windows 95 running inside of bochs on it. :) shiny vs freedom, shiny wins Posted Jul 17, 2010 15:21 UTC (Sat) by nhippi (guest, #34640) [Link]


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