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Split Second 1992 720p Torrent

There are good films and there are bad films, but my favourite 'genre' seems to simply be 'entertaining' films. I'm sure most people won't be putting 1992's 'Freejack' up there with 'The Godfather' and 'Empire Strikes Back' and there are probably those (mainly professional film critics with no sense of fun!) who would describe it as 'bad.' However, I totally disagree. I enjoyed it so much back when I was a teen and I still smile at it now.Emilio Estevez plays 'Alex' - a racecar driver who dies in an explosion during a lap in 1992, only to wake up in the (at the time!) 'far flung future' of 2009 where he's been plucked from his own time a split second before his death and now someone wants to use his body for, er, some nefarious purpose.What follows could probably fall into the 'sci-fi/chase' movie where Alex in on the run in his new surroundings while being pursued by shady forces. Now, I should mention that Sir Anthony Hopkins is on the cast list. But don't get ideas of some great 'Hannibal Lecter' performance. He's pretty much just an extended cameo. We also have Rene Russo as the 'love interest' and, like so many roles, she is only really there for the romantic element and doesn't really get much in the way of character development. However, the best 'actor' is not one of these heavyweights.The ever awesome Mick Jagger (yes, not really known for his 'acting') is the black leather-clad henchman, in charge of a small private army of futuristic goons hell-bent on brining Alex's body in for... you'll find out what. Now, he's no actor. And it shows. I'm not going to say his performance is 'fantastic,' only that you're guaranteed to remember it for all time. The film may actually be 'average' to most, but Jagger's swagger as the henchmen is pure cinematic gold. He steals every scene - sometimes menacing, sometimes comical, always brilliant and is worth the film's run-time alone.Nowadays, I've seen 'Freejack' has developed a small cult following in the sci-fi community and many have put it in the 'so-bad-it's-good' category. That may be true to a degree (especially when discussing Mr Jagger!), but I think it's actually a good little action, sci-fi B-movie.Don't be too hard on it and just enjoy the ride as it's very well put together and covers quite a few sci-fi concepts that are actually quite original. Plus, when I watch it now I also realise that I've been watching 'Mike' from 'Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul' in this film for all these years and I never realised.

Split Second 1992 720p Torrent


Though the plot of Freejack has been used over and over again in film, at least as far back as Boris Karloff's original The Mummy, it's told quite interestingly here with a lot of good special effects.Freejack did steal from an earlier film called Millennium that had starred Kris Kristofferson. In that one people from the future were snatching wholesale the persons who were in plane crashes a milli-second before impact killed them to replenish the gene pool.Here it's only one man, gazillionaire Anthony Hopkins who's company has perfected a kind of time travel. He's in some kind of cryogenic freeze, but his underlings can communicate with a holograph that his mind projects. He's looking for a young healthy specimen who's body he can take over, one before all kinds of disasters, natural and manmade have hit the planet.He's found one in Emilio Estevez as a race car driver who was killed in a crash in 1992. Like in Millennium, Estevez is snatched from the point of death and transported seventeen years into the future.. Only he proves to be quite the lively corpse and resents what's about to happen to him and escapes. Estevez's presence has also set off a power play in the company that involves the head of security, Mick Jagger, the Vice President Jonathan Banks, and Rene Russo who was Estevez's old girlfriend back in the day.Freejack has some nice special effects in it and good performances by all the principal players. In the supporting cast also look for good performances by David Johansen as Estevez's former agent, Amanda Plummer as a rifle toting nun, and Frankie Faison who's become a philosophical gourmet cook of rats.Science fiction fans will especially like Freejack.

Baixar Filme O Destruidor Dublado / Dual Áudio Torrent Título Original: Split Second Lançamento: 1992 Gêneros: Ação, Clássico, Ficção, Policial, Suspense, Terror Idioma: Português / Inglês Clássificação: 16 Anos Legendas: Português Duração: 1h 30 Minutos Nacionalidade: Reino Unido Qualidade: 720p, BluRay, HD Formato: MP4 Qualidade de Áudio: 10 Qualidade de Vídeo: 10 Servidor: Torrent Tamanho: 735 MB Imdb: 6.2 de 10Crítica Nacional: 4 de 5

Sonic 2 was widely anticipated, and Sega backed it with an aggressive $10 million marketing campaign. It was released in November 1992 to acclaim and received numerous year-end accolades. Critics considered Sonic 2 an improvement over the first game and praised the visuals, level design, gameplay, and music, though the low difficulty level and similarity to its predecessor were criticized. Sonic 2 broke video game sales records and became the bestselling game of 1992 in North America and Europe, grossing over $450 million. With six million copies sold worldwide, it is the second-bestselling Genesis game behind the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Tails was implemented using an artificial intelligence routine that allowed him to mimic Sonic's movements, becoming playable with a second controller.[26] Tails was also used in the multiplayer mode,[35] something that Naka had attempted to implement late in development of the original Sonic.[23] The multiplayer mode was one of Naka's primary motivations to develop Sonic 2, since he felt multiplayer games were more fun.[24] Naka used the Genesis' rarely-used interlaced mode to create split-screen gameplay,[35] since he found the standard display mode made it difficult to see the player character.[24] Developing the multiplayer mode took six months.[7]

Sonic 2 grossed $450 million in 1992 ($870 million adjusted for inflation), which Kalinske said was "more than any hit movie, more than any other entertainment property."[73][74] The release-day revenue exceeded the total revenue that the bestselling rock music CD of 1992, Simply Red's Stars, had earned throughout the year.[75][76] Sonic 2 appeared on UK sales charts well into 1993[77] and was the UK's second bestselling video game of 1993.[78] By November 1993, it was the bestselling 16-bit video game at the time.[79] Sonic 2 sold six million copies worldwide by August 2006,[80] making it the second-bestselling Genesis game behind the original Sonic the Hedgehog.[81]

Electronic Gaming Monthly named Sonic 2 the best Genesis game of 1992.[101] The Electronic Gaming Awards from Electronic Games nominated Sonic 2 for its 1992 Video Game of the Year award,[108] which it lost to Street Fighter II, but Sonic 2 won the award for Best Electronic Game Graphics.[100] Chicago Tribune selected it as runner-up for Best Game of the Year, below Street Fighter II and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.[99] At the Golden Joystick Awards, Sonic 2 won the awards for Best Original Console Game and Promotional Campaign of the Year.[102] The Mega Reader Awards voted it the best platform game and best Mega Drive game of 1992, and Mega ranked it the second best Mega Drive game of all time in 1993.[104] They named it the 36th best Mega Drive game in 1994.[109] At the European Computer Trade Show awards, it won the Going Live Readers Award.[105]

Sonic 2 is frequently cited as one of the greatest video games of all time.[170] Listing the game at number 71 in its Top 100 Games of All Time list in 2001, Game Informer wrote that Sonic 2 was "the most challenging and finely polished Sonic the Hedgehog title."[171] Sonic 2 took first place in a survey conducted by Official Nintendo Magazine to determine the fan-favorite Sonic game in 2010,[172] and GameZone named it the second-best Sonic game (behind Sonic 3) in 2011.[173] GamesRadar+ named Sonic 2 the best Sonic game and the second-best Genesis game of all time (behind Streets of Rage 2 (1992)) in 2017.[174][175] In November 2017, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka said that he felt Sonic 2 "really is the best of the classic Sonic series. The level design is just really, really solid... All of the [Sega] staff would say it was a great game for Japanese tastes but also a great game for American tastes. Sonic 2 really captured that global sense of game design and level design."[23]


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