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The TK8 plugin uses Adobe's UXP architecture and is designed exclusively for Photoshop. The latest version of TK8 requires at least Photoshop version TK8 should TK8 (THY8) Turkish Airlines Flight Tracking and History FlightAware All Forgot the flight number? Sign Up Products Industries ADS-B Flight Tracking Community Intro TK8 PLUGIN for PHOTOSHOP: Working With Selections The Joy of Editing with Dave Kelly K subscribers Subscribe K views 1 year ago TK8 Plugin for Photoshop

a Namibia shot and was able to easily make a perfectly feathered curves adjustment to the blue only TK8 should work in future versions of Photoshop, but it will not install or work in older versions.Below are some of the features of each module.For a more detailed look at the TK8 plugin, download the TK8 Instructions Manual.For many years I have been helping Tony Kuyper improve his panels and plugins.For the TK8 plugin, I have put together an all-new "TK8 Video Guide" series that covers all the TK8 modules in detail.The videos review how to install the modules, how to set up Photoshop for luminosity masks, how to use the various buttons, and ways to incorporate the panel into any workflow.Sample videos from the series can be viewed below.Sample videos from the TK8 Video Guide course.Additional resources: Tony Kuyper's blog has more information on using this plugin and is updated regularly.Be sure to subscribe to get the latest updates.Sean Bagshaw's YouTube channel has a playlist of TK Quick Tips that cover several different versions of the TK panel.Dave Kelly's YouTube channel has an ever-expanding playlist of TK8 videos.TK8 Submenu Interface Examples.Testimonials Thanks to Tony Kuyper for such a great product.Channel, zone, color, saturation, vibrance, and now edge masks are created just as easily as luminosity masks.From these sources, entire spectrums of bit, pixel-based, self-feathering masks can be generated.Organized workflow -The user interface provides a clear, step-wise process for making masks.Choose the SOURCE, make the MASK, MODIFY it, and OUTPUT it.Edit an active selection as a mask -Easily turn an active selection into a mask, modify it, and then continue using it as a selection.One-click adjustment layers -Eight of the most common adjustment layers can be added from the main interface.Button color saturation can be adjusted in each module's preferences.It offers presets, file-naming, and file-saving for web-sharpened images.Customization options include position, size, edge offset, and opacity.They can then be run directly from the User actions menu in the module.So, buttons that aren't being used can be given a new function.This makes it possible to create a panel that contains all the frequently used functions in your Photoshop workflow.I can also be resized to the narrow width of the Cx module so that it can be contained in the same narrow vertical dock.This way it is always open and ready to use.This feature can be disabled once users are familiar with what each button does.However, even when turned off, tooltips can still be quickly accessed by holding down the ALT key on Windows or the "option" key on Mac.TK8 Video Guide For many years I have been helping Tony Kuyper improve his panels and plugins.Pin It on Pinterest. In a nutshell, not much! He also has a free eMagazine that's definitely worth checking out for its tips and insights to photographic processes.I've been working with you panel for a while, and I absolutely adore the ease of use and quality of this instrument.Photoshop is not complete without the V6 panel.Luminosity masks aren't just for nature photographers.Just got the V6 upgrade and went through the new videos.I am amazed how much you have been able to simplify the UI and make it more intuitive Log in now.Good Light Journal Customize Follow Following Sign up Log in Copy shortlink Report this content View post in Reader Manage subscriptions Collapse this bar.Loading Comments


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