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  • Extreme weather events and wildfires are increasing and impacting hazardous waste sites. The primary goal of cleanups, which is protecting human health and the environment, is undermined. Confronted with these risks, environmental professionals should assess, and design remedies that are sustainable and resilient. Sustainable resilient remediation (SRR) is an optimized solution to cleaning up and reusing a hazardous waste site that limits negative environmental impacts, maximizes social and economic benefits, and creates resilience against increasing threats.The objective of the ITRC Sustainable Resilient Remediation (SRR-1) is to provide resources and tools for regulators, stakeholders, consultants, and responsible parties to help integrate sustainable and resilient practices into remediation projects. This guidance updates the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council's (ITRC) Technical and Regulatory Guidance: Green and Sustainable Remediation: A Practical Framework (ITRC 2011a) and includes a strong resilience component to address the increasing threat of extreme weather events and wildfires. Recommendations for careful and continuous consideration of the social and economic costs and benefits of a cleanup project are included. Training ObjectivesEducate participants about available SRR resources and tools

  • Impart evolution from Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) to SRR

  • Provide guidance on practical application and implementation of SRR

  • Provide participants with information necessary to navigate the SRR guidance and tools

  • Training GoalsProvide information and resources for the social and economic dimensions of sustainability, including state-of-the-art social and economic evaluation tools

  • Provide a framework illustrating how and why sustainability and resilience should be integrated throughout the remedial project life cycle

  • Offer checklists of key sustainable best management practices to address resilience based on specific vulnerabilities at a site, as well as resources for additional information

  • Present interactive maps with links to available state and federal resources to quickly find examples and best practices from your state or other states and federal agencies

  • Reference case studies illustrating the application of SRR considerations

After the SRR Training, a user will have the tools necessary to understand what SRR is and how it can be used to achieve a sustainable and resilient remediation outcome. This can be accomplished by remediation practitioners applying the principles and practices to a contaminated site and by providing SRR resources to help regulators and stakeholders in the development and review of project documents or submittals.The intended users of this guidance and training course are those individuals responsible for managing contaminated sites. Users of this training and the associated documents will develop an understanding of SRR and its importance in achieving sustainability and resilience for site remediation. Principals, best practices, resources, and trainer insights will help users conduct SRR tailored to the needs of the sites under their care. Recommended Reading: Participants are strongly encouraged to review the ITRC Sustainable Resilient Remediation, (SRR-1) document prior to participating in the training class. Also, because SRR-1 is an expansion and update of the concepts developed in Green and Sustainable Remediation: A Practical Framework, GSR-2, review of this document is recommended but is not a prerequisite.

Resilient MP3 Download


Jessica Gattenby, Arcadis ( Jessica Gattenby has more than sixteen years of experience in environmental consulting and sustainable management. Currently she is part of Arcadis US, Inc strategic program delivery group and their Sustainable Resilient Remediation (SRR) and subject matter expert. Ms Gattenby has focused on integration of green and sustainable remediation (GSR) and SRR practices in remediation including considerations in remedy selection, optimization of remedies for reduced environmental footprints and implementation of sustainable best management practices (SBMPs) to achieve project goals, implement more resilient solutions, reduce lifecycle footprints and reduce life cycle cost.

There are actually 5 drivers of resilience; optimism, self compassion, cognitive agility, self efficacy and emotional regulation. We dive deep into each of these components and how they play a part in being resilient, with our guest Gabriella Rosen Kellerman MD.

Jesus never promised that we'd be spared life's storms. He certainly wasn't. Instead, he says that those who put His Sermon on the Mount into practice will build their lives on rock, not sand, and so be resilient through life's storms. Mart DeHaan and Bill Crowder welcome writer, speaker, and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey to the table to talk about how we can live Resilient lives, and how in the Sermon on the Mount we find an invitation to a "Jesus-shaped life."

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Zambia continues to face profound challenges reflected in high povertylevels and low growth. The ECF-supported program aims to restoremacroeconomic stability and foster higher, more resilient, and moreinclusive growth.

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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell seeks to offer reassurance about the stability of the banking system following recent failures at Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. He says actions have been taken to address the situation and says the Fed will continue to monitor things closely and use whatever tools are necessary. "Our banking system is sound and resilient with strong capital and liquidity...We are committed to learning the lessons from this episode, and to work to prevent events like this from happening again," Powell says. close

In this half-day workshop, hear about mindfulness and self-compassion and how it relates to law firms, legal services organizations, judges, and law students. You have the opportunity to experience various types of mindfulness and self-compassion practices, both formal and informal, and learn how to integrate them into your life and work so you can be more present, focused, balanced, and resilient.

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