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Age: 5 years and older
Class time: 1.5 hours / week

  • Professional teaching materials – Oxford Phonics World. Allows students to learn fast step by step.

  • Stimulating activities: Hangman, spelling bee, memory games.

  • Multimedia games: to help children learning English phonics in a systematic way and develop spelling intuition.

  • Selective books : to develop the interests of reading.

  • Boutique small size class: enable every single child to receive the attention they need.


Reading & Writing

Age: 6 years and older

Class time: 2 hours / week

BrightSpark Reading & Writing Program is designed to meet Victorian curriculum, helping children to reach the goal of each level that set by Victorian Education Department. It is run by professional teachers who use unique & effective teaching approaches and materials to spark students’ interests and passion for reading and writing. The aim of the program is to equip the children with necessary skill to write and correct their work, and to activate their creative thinking power and writing talents. Areas covered by the program include: 

  • ️Grammar

  • ️Punctuation

  • ️Comprehension

  • ️Creative Writing technique

  • ️Generating ideas

  • ️Extending sentences

  • ️Paragraphing

  • ️Better vocabulary 

  • ️Text types


Reading & Vocabulary

Age: 5 years and older

  • Personalized learning, each student works at their own pace.

Each student gets a more personalized education that meets his or her needs.

  • Integrate vocabulary, spelling, and phonics into reading.

Step1. Introduce target vocabulary in context.

Step2. Use vocabulary in context and reinforce meaning.

Step3. Introduce and apply word – attack skills.

Step4. Review and apply words.

Step5. Assess

  • Self – directed Learning

Students are empowered with the skills, information, and tools necessary to manage their own learning.

  • Abundant online learning resources.

Inspires children to read, practice for reading comprehension and vocabulary with abundanat online resources and activities.

  • Bring students, teacher and parents together.

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