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Chinese Character Online Course

Age: 5 years and older

  • Exclusive Course – only at BrightSpark

  • Special designed for Chinese background students who speak Mandarin at home but lack of reading and writing environment.

  • From hieroglyphs to the modern characters, learn the revolution of Mandarin characters through different animation, games, and role play.

  • Establish an excellent base for characters – start from stroke names and orders.

  • Learning 8-10 characters each class with a selection of reading books as well as fun games and stimulating activities.


Spelling+Reading Online Course

Age: 5 years and older

  • Professional teaching materials – Oxford Phonics World. Allows students to learn fast step by step.

  • Stimulating activities: Hangman, spelling bee, memory games.

  • Multimedia games: to help children learning English phonics in a systematic way and develop spelling intuition.

  • Selective books : to develop the interests of reading.

  • Boutique small size class: enable every single child to receive the attention they need.

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