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Conquer Pre-School Mathematics K1B

Conquer Pre-school Mathematics is a pre-school series designed to prepare children for primary school. Each book, K1A, K1B, K2A and K2B, contains a careful selection of mathematical activities covering essential topics and skill sets.


“Let’s start!”
Begin by downloading the FREE learning charts ( to complement the activities in the book. The charts serve as great learning and teaching tools.


“What’s in this book?”
This pre-school series focuses on counting, addition and subtraction, and essential topics on measurements such as length, mass, time and money. The system of awarding marks for every activity is used to motivate the child in this learning adventure.


“Yes, I understand now!”
That’s what we want to hear from the children when they try the activities in the book. The progressive activities are structured with specific learning objectives. Parents and educators will understand the purpose of each activity and they can monitor the children’s progress and accomplishments.


Conquer Pre-school Mathematics K1 and K2 complete the learning of preschool mathematics and prepare children for primary level mathematics

Conquer Pre-School Mathematics K1B

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